Blockbuster Loyalty Program

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Get unlimited rentals and be gang for life.

Benefits of the blockbuster loyalty program:

1. Once a month, customers receive a coupon for a non-New Release movie.
2. For every five paid rentals within one calendar month, the customer receives one New Release or video game rental free. When they rent five, they get one rental free (which may include New Release movies or games). Only two free rentals can be accumulated each calendar month using the rent five, get one method.
3.On Monday through Wednesday Blockbuster Rewards customers can receive a free non-new release movie rental for each paid rental.
Within Canada, the Blockbuster Rewards Membership is assembled slightly differently. For one, the monthly non-New Release movie coupon has been discontinued. The "Rent Five, Get One Free" promotion applies only to New Release and Video Game paid rentals, but there is no limit on how many one may accumulate within a calendar month.
The promotion where a customer can receive a free non-New Release movie with the paid rental of a New Release movie is only available to "Gold Rewards," and the window of opportunity is extended to Sunday through Thursday. The "Gold Rewards" membership is a free upgrade on the normal "Blue Rewards" membership, and is given to any Rewards customer accounts that accumulate 100 paid new release rentals within one year. If this volume of rentals is maintained, the annual fee is waived, and the customer continues to be a "Gold Rewards" member without having to renew.
The Rewards program is designed to provide a discount to high-volume customers, mostly those who watch the latest releases. Because the cost is relatively low (about the cost of two rentals) and its effective time is so long (one year), it also caters to those with sporadic rental patterns. Moreover, unlike the Movie Pass program or an online program, no credit card is required to purchase Rewards, so it can serve as a volume discount to those without credit cards.